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747 Recruitment Inc., is a Canadian corporation, incorporated in the province of Alberta and also federally, its main office is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Our services: Passport / Visa / ID Photo, Talent Pre-Screening & Recruitment, Human Resources Development, and Success Strategies, offer the best solutions to our clients and to our communities.

Our philosophy is “offer the best opportunities to the best people”.


Provide recruitment and screening services in Canada, with the highest levels of success and thus achieve and maintain maximum positioning in the local and international market.


To be the best Canadian recruitment and screening services with greater importance for our communities, becoming for our clients and public in general as: "the best option" and generating sustained growth and profitability for our associates and collaborators.



Our professionalism is the wind that routes our actions, a mediocre service will always bring a mediocre result, to this goal we stick, to "be the best".


We act with the highest level of integrity in the analysis, advice and decisions in the cases of our clients.


We know how difficult it is to build a positive fame, as well as how easy it is to lose it, only our high level of ethics has given us that image and that same ethic will continue to guide us in maintaining and practicing it in our daily professional practice.


Serving our customers is our priority; we focus on offering them a service of the highest level of attention and solution to their cases.